Popovic: Yandex interested in Serbian market

The biggest Russian IT company, Yandex has expressed interest in coming to the Serbian market, as well as in creating digital navigation maps of Serbia.

This was confirmed at the meeting between the Serbian Minister for Innovation and Technological Development, Nenad Popovic and the representatives of the Russian firm.

“What Google is for the rest of the world, Yandex is in Russia. The arrival of such company to Serbia would greatly contribute to the development of our IT and innovation community”, Popovic said.

He added that the Serbian government would give strong support to any company willing to invest in the Serbian IT and innovation sector because that creates hi-tech jobs for young Serbian engineers.

Popovic also said that the two sides discussed in detail the development of IT products and services for the so-called ‘smart cities’.

“What Yandex did in Moscow with its navigation and transport applications is recognized worldwide as one of the best technological patterns for smart cities”, Popovic underlined.

Yandex also develops other innovative and IT products for all segments – from transport to medicine – which are applicable in many countries, especially in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Speaking about creating digital navigation maps of Serbia, Popovic said that that would be the basis for other geo-services that Yandex could develop in Serbia.

(Blic, 19.01.2018)



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