Popadić: “We will take off our masks when enough people are vaccinated.”

Professor of the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade, Dušan Popadić, said we won’t have to wear face masks once enough people are vaccinated, that is, when there is a high percentage of people who are no longer susceptible to the virus.

Popadic told RTS that the numbers range from 60, 70 and 80% of citizens when it comes to collective immunity. However, he noted, when he was studying epidemiology, the consensus was that we need at least 95% of the population to be immunized in order to declare the end of an epidemic.

Speaking about the scepticism towards vaccines, Popadić said that he does not know where it comes from and that a lot of controversial information is disseminated, especially on social networks. Immunization against coronavirus is the same as against any other disease.

“The difference is that everyone should be aware that now it is even more important to be immunized, because we have an epidemic,” Popadić underlines.

When asked what are the benefits of vaccination, he said that, apart from not falling ill, we will be able to go back to normal activities, jobs and routines, to travel, we won’t be afraid of getting sick or that someone of who is dear to us may die from COVID-19.

The professor points out that these are all benefits that far outweigh the potential fear of side effects from the vaccine. He added that a very small number of people have side effects and for a huge percentage these effects last a day or half a day, just as with any other vaccine.

When it comes to criticism of pharmaceutical companies, Popadić points out that they make much more money with other products than with vaccines.

“The vaccine has arrived in our country, we should take advantage of this opportunity and protect ourselves and our loved ones from the disease,” Popadić said.

He also says that it does not matter which vaccine we use because they all have similar immunogenicity and a similar case history of side effects.

(Nova, 07.01.2021)


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