Ponoš:”Vučić will be dismissed once he is no longer useful to his foreign sponsors”

The president of the Serbia Centre party and the former Chief-of-Staff of the Serbian Army, Zdravko Ponoš, said that the president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, “is becoming less and less useful to his international sponsors.”

As Ponoš said, Vučić is on his way to being dismissed in the same way that Augusto Pinochet and Manuel Noriega were useful and then ceased to be so.

Ponoš also assessed that Vučić did not have an international reputation until now, but was useful. Speaking about Vučić’s consultations with the representatives of various political parties regarding the formation of a new government, Ponoš branded the consultations as “a farce”.  

“In a country where Vučić is the president and where his Serbian Progressive Party has a formal majority in the parliament, it is not the government that rules the country, but he does. Hence, the talks about the formation of a new government make no sense. They especially make no sense after the electoral fraud took place,” Ponoš added.

When asked about the repeated election in Belgrade, Ponoš said: “It is unfortunate that the election conditions in Serbia cannot be quickly adapted to European standards, but a lot can be done in the short term if there is a willingness of the authorities to do so, not only by declaratively accepting the recommendations of the ODIHR report but by actually doing something to change the electoral conditions. All of this could be resolved quite quickly with a special regulation. However, the convocation of the Belgrade Assembly has been deliberately deferred.”

(021.rs, Nova, 27.02.2024)


Photo credits: Dragan Mujan/Nova.rs

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