Poll: SNS to win at Belgrade election

The Serbian Progressive Party candidate list for Belgrade election (called “Aleksandar Vucic – Because we love Belgrade”) is supported by 43.1% of voters in Belgrade, according to the latest poll – the Vecernje Novosti daily reports.

The daily does not specify who exactly conducted the poll, but according to its results, out of the 24 official candidates for the Belgrade election, only the SNS, Dragan Djilas, Aleksandar Sapic and the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) will go over the census line.

The candidate list “Dragan Djilas – Belgrade decides, people win” would get 13.9% votes, while 7.6% of the electorate would vote for the candidate list “Aleksandar Sapic for Mayor”.

The “Ivica Dačić – SPS, Dragan Marković Palma -JS” candidate list is ranked fourth, getting 6.7% votes.

The coalition led by the Democratic Party would probably win 4.8% of votes, which puts it just below the census, while the candidate list “Ljubisa Preletacevic Beli – Because we love Belovgrad” and the Serbian Radical Party are supported by 4.4% of voters.

The City of Belgrade Election Commission has confirmed that a total of 1,606,693 voters were registered, and that there would be 1,185 polling stations in Belgrade.

The election is due to take place on Sunday, 4th March.

(Danas, 01.03.2018)


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