Poll: the consequences of the coronavirus in 110 companies

The fifth survey, conducted by Ernst&Young called Preduzetnički Barometar (Entrepreneurs Barometer) among 110 domestic companies has been released.

The survey shows the following:

– 82% of respondents believe that the uncertainty caused by the outbreak of the pandemic is the biggest challenge for the further growth and development of their company;

– 81% of the respondents used the government’s assistance in the form of minimum wage payment for each employee;

– 71% of companies are focusing more on environmental awareness and business sustainability;

– 73% of respondents identify problems with their sales as the main risk factor;

– 66% of the surveyed companies are family businesses;

– 55% of the surveyed companies say that they have introduced new products or adapted old ones in order to cope with the crisis that has affected the entire business world since the beginning of March 2020;

– 59% of companies believe that the conditions for entrepreneurial activity in Serbia are unfavourable.

Trends in the ratio of ownership and engagement in entrepreneurship by gender have shifted slightly in favour of women – 27% of business owners are women this year compared to 23% last year. Even more entrepreneurs are college-educated – 75% compared to 73% last year.

Traditionally, manufacturing is more prevalent among Serbian entrepreneurs (53%) and more IT companies are providing a wide range of software and hardware solutions (11%). An extremely small percentage (4%) of entrepreneurs in Serbia was able to continue doing their business outside of their business premises. Such a low percentage is not surprising, because a large percentage (53%) of this year’s survey respondents is engaged in manufacturing.

The results of the study also indicate that 40% of entrepreneurs do not intend to postpone planned investments despite the pandemic.

(B92, 19.01.2021)


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