Poll: 40% people in Serbia believe in COVID-related conspiracy theories

The three-quarters of people in the Western Balkans believe in conspiracy theories about the coronavirus, much more than in other parts of Europe, while in Serbia the percentage of such people is 41.5, according to the poll conducted last October by ‘Atlantic Council’ from Washington and advisory group for public politics’ Balkan in Europe,’ published on Monday.

Citing the opinion poll’s results, the Belgrade-based Politika daily said that it showed that one in three people in Serbia did not want to get vaccinated. In contrast, 20 percent of the polled said they would or probably would receive the vaccine.

The survey also showed that most of the polled believed the ‘pharmaceutical mafia’ was involved in spreading the virus.

One-third of the respondents thought the Chinese Government produced the virus in a laboratory, i.e., that it ‘escaped’ from a laboratory in Wuhan, China.

Slightly fewer believed that Bill Gates was responsible, while the smallest number of the polled thought the epidemic was linked to the 5G technology.

(021.rs, 11.01.2021)



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