“Biden will reconcile Belgrade and Pristina”

The American expert on the Western Balkans, Daniel Serwer, and his German colleague, Bodo Weber, expect that, with the arrival of the new American administration, the USA and the EU will succeed in resolving the dispute between Belgrade and Pristina.

Two analysts told the Klan Kosova TV that they expect the EU-US tandem, helmed by the new American President Joseph Biden, to finally reconcile the two sides. The Pristina-based TV station also states that “doubts that arose about American support for Kosovo seem to have disappeared with Biden’s election as president, while expectations are growing that the problem with Serbia will be resolved once and for all.”

“I expect President Biden, together with the EU, to work towards a comprehensive solution to the unresolved issues in Belgrade and Pristina,” said Serwer, a professor at Johns Hopkins University in Washington, D.C.

Bodo Weber, a senior associate of the Council for Political Democratization (DPC) from Berlin, shares the same opinion as Serwer, adding that he definitely expects the new U.S. administration to give priority to the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina in cooperation with the EU.

According to Klan Kosova, Weber even expressed “happiness” that the Donald Trump administration, which treated the Kosovo problem, as he assessed it, “in a dangerous manner”, finally left.

“The very dangerous performance of the former envoy (Richard) Grenell attracted the attention of Biden’s team on Kosovo and Serbia during the campaign. I am looking forward to the Biden administration returning, as before, to close transatlantic cooperation with the EU on Kosovo and Serbia and to finally enable a real resumption of negotiations on a final, comprehensive agreement with the EU in the lead role and the US in a strong partnership role, ” Weber said, He also has high expectations that the path Biden will follow regarding Kosovo “will be exactly the one he followed in the 1990s.”

(Blic, 24.01.2021)



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