Police issue permits for two self-driving cars

The exports of the Serbian ICT sector have recorded a 40% growth this year, and most of our ICT services and products are exported to the USA, the UK and Switzerland, said the minister of information and telecommunications of Serbia, Mihailo Jovanovic.

He also mentioned that the Serbian police have issued permits for the test drive of two self-driving cars, adding that that was important as the autonomous vehicle market is rapidly developing and that the market for the software that enables autonomous driving is currently worth around EUR 100 billion.

The Minister further explained that said permits were issued for level 3 autonomous driving, where there’s a driver in the vehicle, but takes control of the vehicle only in case of a problem.

According to him, the plan is to get the highest level of autonomous driving, level 5, entailing an autonomous vehicle that can operate entirely without a driver, by the time EXPO 2027 starts.

By issuing these test permits, he says, Serbia is opening the door to many companies that want to enter this market, which will further incite the development of our ICT sector.

He added that the ICT sector’s share in the national GDP currently stands at 11%.

(eKapija, 23.08.2023)


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