Police identifies 19 e-mail addresses from which bomb threats were sent

In cooperation with the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and the Superior Prosecutor’s Office, as well as the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Combating High-Tech Crime, the Police Directorate has identified a total of 19 e-mail addresses, 18 Gmail addresses and one ProtonMail address, from which messages containing information on alleged bombs planted in several locations in Belgrade were sent.

It was determined that of these, 8 were from Poland, 4 from Gambia, 2 from Iran and Nigeria, and 1 from Ukraine, Slovenia, and Russia, respectively.

“The Serbian police have also identified a person who was behind telephone threats from yesterday,” the press release reads and adds: “In order to identify the senders of these (bomb) threats and prosecute them for the crimes committed, and given that they are foreign citizens who do not reside in Serbia, an international exchange of data is underway between the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia, Europol and Interpol, the relevant authorities in Sweden, Lithuania, Switzerland, the Russian Federation and Hungary, and Google.”

From March 11 to date, hundreds of threatening messages about alleged explosive devices planted in public places or institutions have been received on 48 occasions through e-mails or phone calls to the addresses of various institutions in Serbia.

Threatening messages were sent from the Gmail, ProtonMail, Eunet, and Yandex addresses, as well as via anonymous phone calls.

In the past three days alone, specialized anti-sabotage protection teams together with specially trained police officers and police dogs inspected several hundred public buildings, schools, hospitals and shopping malls looking for explosive devices but none were found.

(Euronews, 18.05.2022)




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