PM Brnabić: ‘The new bridge in Novi Sad is necessary, I don’t understand the protests’

Serbian PM Ana Brnabić said that the new bridge in Novi Sad “is necessary” and that she could not understand why anyone was protesting against something that meant “progress and a better quality of life for hundreds of thousands of people”.

“It is also made to protect the environment,” said Brnabic. ‘The pollution caused by congestion on the roads since, as Novi Sad doesn’t have four bridges, is terrible,’ Brnabić told Pink TV.

She also stated that people can protest in Serbia freely against anything and that ‘if someone attacks the police, unfortunately, the police have to react’, although ‘that does not happen in Serbia, except as a last line of defence’, the PM added.

Brnabic added that she was sorry that people felt the need to protest and that she considers it ‘ugly’. Brnabic repeated that ‘it is not clear to her why anyone is obstructing a better quality of life and a healthier environment for hundreds of thousands of people’.

“I understand democracy, but people can’t really protest against every single urban planning project. 20, 50 or 100 people say ‘no’ and we are not allowed to build it. Are we or are we not for the rule of law?” Brnabic asked.

At yesterday’s protest in Šodroš (a part of Novi Sad where the bridge should pass through), which was attended by hundreds of citizens, the protesters clashed with the police by breaking through police lines and two women were injured. Four activists were arrested and released the same evening.

(, 24.10.2022)

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