PM Brnabic dissatisfied with EC’s report about Serbia

Serbian PM, Ana Brnabic commented on the European Commission (EC) 2019 report on the country’s progress toward the EU membership and said that it was biased in some parts.

She underlined it was “the most interesting” to see what the criticism about freedom of expression and media, the parliament work, anti-government protests and cooperation with civil society was based on.

 „I think that in some parts of the report are not objective. These are small parts, but it is important that we react now,” Brnabic said at a conference held with Sem Fabrizi, the head of the EU Delegation in Serbia.

However, she said the report was “all in all positive,” and that it “recognized the progress in economic reforms.”

Brnabic also said she was not worried about Serbia’s European integration process and announced the Government would continue to follow the recommendations from the reports.

“It is not important any more whether any new chapters (in the accession talks with the EU) will be opened or not. The political situation in the EU has more influence on opening the chapters than (a country’s) progress. So, we will continue,” Brnabic said.

She said that many positive things regarding media freedom and the state’s reaction to attacks and threats on journalists were hardly or not at all mentioned.

Commenting on the EC concerns about media freedom in Serbia, Brnabic said she was concerned about the situation in Kosovo because of the lack of the EU reaction especially regarding the Tuesday’s events in the north.

She called on the Union to respect the rule of law and guarantee the implementation of the Brussels Agreement and the formation of the Community of Serb Municipalities in Kosovo, stipulated by the Agreement.

On the other hand, the Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia, Sam Fabrizi, said that the legally binding agreement between Belgrade and Pristina was crucial for further progress of both sides in the European integration, and that dialogue was a key element for regional stability.

You can read the full EC 2019 Report on Serbia here .

(Voice of America, 30.05.2019)


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