PM Ana Brnabic was at the funeral of Elizabeth II with her partner Milica Djurdjic

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić attended the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster Abbey yesterday with her partner Milica Đurđić. Just a day after Belgrade’s Europride took place thanks to police protection, Brnabić travelled to London with her partner.

Predrag Azdeljković, the editor of Optimist magazine, agrees wholeheartedly that Ana Brnabić does not adhere to Vučić’s custom of going anywhere alone. “I am happy that they are representing Serbia because they are a very nice couple. I hope this will be a step towards a discussion of the law on same-sex unions and its forthcoming approval,’ says Azdejković.

Vesna Mališić, the editor of NIN weekly, believes that’s completely normal considering that the two live in a de facto marriage, and it is not even the first official trip they have made together. ‘It is a completely different matter that our legal system does not recognise same-sex unions, but that does not change things,’ Mališić notes.

Branko Rosić, a journalist and writer, thinks that Serbia has made progress in some things, while in other segments it has not. “If someone had told us in 1992, that 30 years from now, the Serbian prime minister will go to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in London with his same-sex partner, we would presume that huge changes have happened in our society, that we are an EU member, that the living standard is high and that LGBT couples are allowed to adopt children…”

Marko Vidojković, a writer, observes that Brnabic and her life partner attending the Queen’s funeral together is really great. “This is one of the few normal things Brnabic has done since we’ve known her. It’s great that she brought her partner with her, but it’s a shame that someone had to die for her to do something good. ‘Fortunately for Britain, they replaced a blatant dictator, who ran to New York in a suit to speak in front of an empty room at the United Nations Assembly, with Brnabić’ Vidojković points out.

(Danas, 20.09.2022)

Photo credits BETAPHOTO Jonathan Hordle/Pool Photo via AP

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