Plateau in front of National Parliament to be renovated – works to cost 80mln dinars

The reconstruction of the square in front of the Serbian National Parliament will begin in the coming days and the works will cost 80 million dinars, said Deputy Mayor Goran Vesić, adding that the works will be carried out by the Beograd Put Company.

The works are expected to start in the coming days, depending on the weather conditions, while the deadline for the completion of the works is four months. Vesić said that the project involves replacing the base and levelling the tiles. The original appearance will not change, only “slight corrections to the geometry and levelling of the square itself will be made”.

“The reconstruction of the stone slabs, covering an area of 4,500 square metres, will be done using the existing tiles. Some new slabs of the same quality and mechanical properties will be used but they will look like the original ones,” said Vesić.

According to him, the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments gave its permission to the reconstruction.

(Nova Ekonomija, 05.10.2021)

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