Plastic bags in Serbia are bad quality

About 90% of the plastic bags we are given in shops are of bad quality and therefore break, while about 85% of the bags we get in supermarkets are thinner than they should be.

These are the results of a study conducted at the request of the Consumer Protection Association by the Faculty of Technology of Novi Sad, with the support of USAID.

The Association also says that one in three bags is not sufficiently biodegradable or not biodegradable at all.

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As for the thickness of the bags, only 2 out of 13 were thicker than 50 microns at all points. Bags were also found to be up to 75% thinner than they should be according to regulations.

The Asociation states that, contrary to logic, the more expensive and larger bags should be thicker, because they can carry more goods, which is often not the case. That is, measurements have shown that both large and small bags have, as a rule, the same thickness, and there are also cases where large bags are thinner than small ones.

This is why the Association recommends that consumers use large bags only for light and large-volume goods, and small bags to carry heavier items, in order to prevent the bag from breaking and the contents from spilling out.

(B92, 08.12.2020)



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