PKS: “Monthly export quotas, no to complete ban”

The Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS) will propose to the government to apply monthly export quotas, as a solution that would benefit businesses, farmers and the state, instead of completely restricting the export of wheat, corn, flour and cooking oil.

The proposal stipulates a system of monthly quotas and compliance with existing contracts with foreign buyers, which would not affect the export. “The market supply of basic foodstuffs is stable, producers have sufficient quantities to meet their needs and no shortages are expected,” the PKS said in a press release.

After consultation with the representatives of the wheat producers associations Žitounija and Žita Srbije, Žitounija sent a letter of support for the PKS initiative to the Ministry of Agriculture, in which it appeals to the Ministry to lit the export ban and instead, use monthly export quotas which is less detrimental to Serbia’s export.

Should a complete suspension of exports be introduced, based on information received from producers, the Chamber believes it is important to limit the total ban to 7-10 days maximum.

(, 09.03.2022)


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