PKS establishes a network of social entrepreneurship advisors

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (PKS) plans to form a network of advisers in regional chambers where social enterprises would be provided with assistance during their registration, that is, acquiring the status of a social enterprise.

“Since mid-November last year, social enterprises can register their activities with the Serbian Business Registers Agency, regardless of whether they are civil associations, cooperatives or entrepreneurs. At the moment, about 50 social enterprises have been registered, and the estimates show that there are about 1,200 of them in Serbia, which is why it is important that their status be regulated systematically. This will make it possible for us to create a database, identify their needs and monitor the development of social entrepreneurship,” said Aleksandar Bogdanović from the Coalition for the Development of Solidarity Economy.

Advisors will give assistance to companies, small business owners and representatives of the civil sector, if they meet the criteria provided by the Social Entrepreneurship Law, to formally acquire the status of a social enterprise by registering with the Serbian Business Registers Agency (APR).

In the coming period, the government is expected to write the Social Entrepreneurship Development Programme, a strategic document that will determine the direction of the development of this type of enterprise.

Bogdanović added that social entrepreneurship does not only mean the inclusion of vulnerable and hard-to-employ categories of the population but also provides solutions for various social problems in environmental protection, development of rural areas, culture and education.

(Nova Ekonomija, 27.03.2023)

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