PKC Wiring Systems expands its production facility in Smederevo – 1,200 new jobs

Serbian Economy Minister Goran Knezevic has visited the facility of PKC Wiring Systems, which recently bought the land and the hall it had been renting from the local government in Smederevo since 2014.

The company currently employs 1,509 workers and plans to expand the capacities and employ another 1,200 in the upcoming period, the Ministry of Economy said in a press release.

The company, which produces wiring systems for commercial vehicles, plans to invest EUR 20 million in the purchase and the infrastructural equipping, as well as the purchase and the reconstruction of the existing hall and the construction of a new part.

“This investment, which will result in 1,200 new jobs, will raise the living standard of the Smederevo citizens,” Knezevic said.

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He pointed out that PKC was the 36th company to reinvest in Serbia, which means that around 20% of the companies which had used incentives opened the second, third, fourth and even the fifth facility.

He added that he expected the unemployment rate to drop below 10% in the current year, which would be a great success, considering that it had been at 26% several years before.

The general manager of PKC Wiring Systems in Serbia, Tudor Kertz, said that he expected the company to increase the production, create conditions that facilitate growth, attract new customers and increase the number of employees through the implementation of the investment.

The vice president of operations of PKC Group for Europe and South America, Ivo Volkov, thanked those in charge for their support and pointed out that, out of all the company’s factories in Europe, the facility in Smederevo was the fastest developing one.

PKC Group has 23 production facilities in Brazil, China, Germany, Lithuania, Mexico, Poland, Russia, the USA and Serbia and employs more than 28,000 people.

(RTV, 13.10.2019)

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