Pivljanin:”Opposition parties have failed to capitalize on protests”

The editor of the Nova newspaper, Ranko Pivljanin, assessed that the opposition parties failed to “capitalize” on the protests in terms of ratings and popularity, which currently stands at only 15 percent, while a 7% drop in the SNS rating “is not much of a consolation for the opposition”.

He also commented on the New Serbian Political Thought survey, according to which the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) is currently at 37 percent of support, which is a significant drop compared to the 2022 parliamentary elections.

“The latest survey in our country showed a drop in the ratings of the SNS by seven percent from the previous survey, which is significant. However, their ratings have increased by one percent in the meantime… Aleksandar Vučić had no public appearances in the last ten days but did say that he is aware of these surveys, that he follows them regularly and behaves accordingly“, says Pivljanin.

He adds that the 7% drop in ratings of SNS is not a consolation for the opposition, as research has shown that only 15 percent of voters would vote for the opposition. Most of the opposition parties have a rating of around five percent, and some cannot even cross the threshold of three percent.

“This shows that the protests came out of the pure hearts and intentions of our citizens and that were not motivated by opposition engagement, but by a response to violence in society. That’s why the opposition parties did not capitalize on these protests and their ratings remained the same apart from Miloš Jovanović’s DSS party,” Pivljanin noted.

He also agrees with Đorđe Vukadinović’s assessment that “there is no salvation for the opposition if they don’t consolidate”.

Speaking about the attitude of the Serbian people towards joining the European Union, he said that our citizens in the West see it first and foremost as a money source.

“The Serbian people are conservative. Consciousness is difficult to change. To them the story of Europe is a story of a certain level of comfort, having a better life and driving a better car. They don’t view it through the filter of human rights, the rule of law, keeping the environment clean or having an organized society. We see the West as a money source and that’s all there is – that’s where our “love” for them ends”, Pivljanin concludes.

(N1, 26.07.2023)


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