Pirot to get solar plants – English and French investment

Relevant documentation is currently being drafted stipulating the installation of several solar power plants in the vicinity of Pirot, over 125 megawatts of power.

Pirot Mayor Vladan Vasić says that the power plants will bring a series of benefits to the local economy, particularly the construction industry and employment and that the Pirot area is considered a favourable location for solar power plants due to a high number of sunny hours.

He added that a French company has started preparing a detailed regulation plan for the construction of a solar power plant of 75 MW on 106 hectares near Dobri Do.

“They have had problems with EPS, that is, EMS, because this solar plant has an enormous power which requires special power lines, the transfer systems and the cables to transmit power. This is a complicated matter and could take a long time to resolve. We were also contacted by English funds, who want to finance the construction of a 45-MW solar plant spanning 50 hectares in the location near Ponor. They have started drafting a detailed regulation plan. I hope that the investors will solve the ongoing problems successfully. We also have three small solar power plants, near Ponor, in the Ravnište location, of 5 MW power, which have obtained the building permit, and then beyond that, there is the Ravanište 1 solar power plant (of 1 MW power) and another 1 MW solar power plant being built near the village of Basara”, said mayor Vasić.

(eKapija, 11.06.2023)


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