Photo exhibition on nightlife around the world

The GuruShots Platform, one of the largest international photo competitions, has been staging exhibitions in renowned galleries around the world. This year, they are staging a photo exhibition titled “Nightlife” at the New Moment Gallery in Belgrade, which opens on Friday, 25th May.

The exhibition features photographs of artists from all corners of the globe. The photographs were selected by GuruShots from 85,000 photos that were submitted in a photo-competition by 600 photographers from 90 countries. A total of 12 million people voted for the best ones, and, in the end, photographs of 40 artists were selected to be displayed in print, while the rest will be exhibited digitally. GuruShots uses a combination of crowd-sourced curation and a special GuruShots expert panel to select the best images. 

The creativity of the competition participants was reflected in their take on the nightlife in their respective cities.

Launched as a startup idea in Tel Aviv in 2014, the revolutionary GuruShots platform for photography fans reconstructs the current perception of this art, while inspiring over a million photographers. Through the competition, participants develop their image-making skills, and they evaluate each other in order to reach the Guru level in photography. Each month, participants have the opportunity to upload their thematic photos to the platform, and those with the most votes are then exhibited in galleries or photo fairs around the world.

The Nightlife exhibition in Belgrade is opened on Friday and Saturday, with the visitors being able to purchase the photographs they most like.

(Blic, 24.05.2018)

Photo credits: Blic (promo)

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