Petrol and diesel prices on the rise

Since the beginning of this year, the retail price of diesel at Serbian petrol stations went up by 3.5 dinars per litre, while the price of petrol went up by 1.5 dinars per litre.

The main reason for this is the hike in the global price of crude oil which jumped from $45 per barrel to as much as $70 per barrel. The current price of petrol sold in Serbia is 145.2 dinars per litre and 154.2 dinars per litre of diesel. These prices could go up in the following period by 2 dinars per litre due to the fact that the state authorities have increased fuel excise which is adjusted to the rise in consumer prices from the previous year.

“The situation has started to change for better a few days ago, with the global prices of a barrel declining. On Saturday, it dropped to around $65, so if this trend continues in the coming days, it would be realistic to expect that the fuel prices in our country would drop too”, says Tomislav Micovic, Secretary General of the Association of Oil Companies of Serbia.

In Europe, Greece has the highest price of both unleaded petrol (1.60 EUR per litre) and diesel (1.38 EUR per litre), while Serbia ranks sixth in terms of unleaded petrol prices, and third in terms of diesel prices.

(Politika, 10.02.2018)


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