Petition underway to free the murderer of Zoran Djindjic

The Kapetan Dragan Foundation insists on the release of the murderer of the former Serbian Prime Minister, Zoran Djindjić, who was sentenced to 40 years.

Ružica Djindjić, the widow of the assassinated prime minister, has commented on the case for the first time, while the authorities remain silent. The Nova Stranka political party, which has launched the petition, is close to the supporters of the extreme right and has set up a stall in downtown Belgrade to collect signatures for the petition for Zvezdan Jovanović, convicted of murdering Djindjic, to be released.

Stunned by the lack of reaction from the authorities, Ružica Djindjić said; “I think this is an issue for the state judicial authorities to resolve, bearing in mind that this is a person who has been convicted by the highest court in Serbia.”

Maja Stojanović of Civic Initiatives believes that the Kapetan Dragan Foundation and the ongoing petition are just a consequence of the atmosphere in which we live: “By not reacting, I think that the state authorities support the Kapetan Dragan Foundation and Levijatan organization, which are behind this petition, and thus undermining everything that was achieved following the 5 October political upheaval”.

(N1, 04.10.2021)

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