Petition for restaurateurs to re-open their establishments

The petition, launched by the Zaštitnik Association which advocates rights of small businesses in Serbia, demands that catering facilities should be re-opened, working normal hours.

The Association also calls for the urgent implementation of the decree that defines the conditions and criteria for harmonization of state aid for small businesses.

The Association also says that small businesses (that have been mostly closed during the pandemic) should be exempt from paying tax and payroll contributions, as well as that they should be reimbursed for all fixed costs from the beginning of the pandemic until today, as well as reimbursed for 80% of the gross salary for their employees, for the past 12 months.

The Association also stated that it is demanding the abolition of parafiscal levies and unnecessary duties (eco-tax, Sokoj (music fees), etc.), the reduction of VAT to 5% in the next two years, as well as the reduction of all local duties and taxes.

“We expect the government’s Crisis Response Team to be reorganized in such a way that all members of the Response Team who have caused irreparable economic damage to small local businesses and all those who are in conflict of interest should resign,” Zaštitnik adds.

The Union of Employers of Serbia has also demanded certain members to resign from the Crisis Response Team, although the Union had not been critical of the Response Team before.

(Nova Ekonomija, 29.03.2021)



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