Pet cemetery to be opened in Belgrade in May?

Belgrade is supposed to get its first-ever cemetery for pets by May this year, which will be managed by the capital’s Funeral Services (Pogrebno Preduzeće).

Although the original deadline for the completion of the works was February 6, the official opening will be delayed by three months.

The entire complex will span 15,376 square metres, the traffic and pedestrian areas will span 3,200 sqm, burial areas 4,400 sqm, and the protective green belt 6,100 square meters.

At the entrance to the cemetery, there will be an administrative facility that will house a veterinary clinic, a farewell hall and a store for related equipment. The central part of the complex is intended for individual and group burials of animals, while the incinerator, which should be installed soon, will be located in the rear part.

(eKapija, 23.02.2023)

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