People’s Party: Swiss chocolate factory to get EUR 120,000 per new job from Serbian state

Head of the Economy and Entrepreneurship Committee of the People’s Party (Narodna Partija), Vladimir Kovacevic warned today that the Swiss chocolate factory Barry Callebaut, which has recently started building a production plant in Novi Sad, has received a subsidy in the amount of 120,000 euro per each new job it creates from the Serbian government.

Kovacevic also said in a written statement that the former government, through the SIEPA agency, awarded between 2,500 euro and 10,000 euro per each new job an investor creates, but that the SNS-led authorities “usually negotiate the allocation of subsidies in confidential personal discussions (with investors)”.

“We have not yet recovered from the retroactive subsidy that the government gave to Rauch and its fruit juice factory in Koceljeva in the amount of 2.2 million euro, or 70,000 per employee, and the government again gives a foreign company an incentive that will hit Serbian taxpayers even harder on their wallet,” stated Kovacevic.

He asked how many domestic factories could have been developed if the funds, which are allocated to the Swiss company, were given instead to them.

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“Instead of the Swiss helping us, we are helping them because the 3.2 billion euro worth of revenue that the Barry Callebaut Company generates annually does not seem to be enough for them to come up with the own funds to build a factory in Serbia,” Kovacevic added.

To remind, in addition to a production plant, the Swiss company also plans to construct an innovation centre for research and development in Novi Sad too.

The factory will have the initial annual production capacity of 50,000 tonnes. Set to become operational by 2021, the total investment, planned over five years, will reach $56 million. The company plans to employ 100 people in their Novi Sad factory.

(, Beta, 09.03.2020)



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