People worldwide are less optimistic about 2022

The level of optimism has slightly decreased and in 2022, people from over 40 countries around the world mostly expect economic difficulties; including people living in Serbia, who are more pessimistic than the global average, according to a poll conducted by Gallup International.

The poll results show that just over 1/4 of people in Serbia expect 2022 to be a better year (26%), almost a third expect a worse year (32%) while the majority of citizens (42%) expect that the situation will not change for better or worse.

Globally, almost 2/5 of the respondents (38%) believe that 2022 will be better than last year, 27% expect it to be worse and 27% say that the situation will remain the same. People in Serbia are more pessimistic than the global average, but they have better expectations than some countries in the region.

People in this country are more pessimistic than the global average regarding the economic situation: almost half (47%) believe that 2022 will be a year of economic difficulties while 15% believe that it will be a year of economic prosperity.

Despite the pessimism, the feeling of personal happiness among Serbian citizens is higher than the world average – more than half of the citizens (55%) feel happy or very happy, 36% are neutral, while only 8% of Serbian citizens feel unhappy or very unhappy.

The survey included more than 40 countries and over 41,000 respondents.

(Dnevnik, 28.12.2021)



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