People who come to Serbia on business don’t need a negative PCR test to enter the country

According to the new rules, the owners, managers and employees of the companies that intend to arrive in Serbia for business purposes, and upon entry do not have a negative PCR test, issued by the reference laboratory of the country they come from, must notify in advance of their arrival the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, which will promptly inform the border police, in order to allow them to cross the border.

After entering the country, within 24 hours, they will perform a rapid test in the Serbian reference laboratory, and submit the results to the Chamber and, in case of a negative result, continue with the planned activities.

Business people from all over the world, foreign and non-foreign citizens arriving in the country for work can cross the Serbian border from January 21 according to a simplified procedure, different from the rules that apply to other citizens.

“In these circumstances, when most countries prescribe additional restrictions, Serbia has found a way to facilitate epidemiological measures for businesspeople from around the world, companies already here and those coming for future work, by simplifying the procedures for entering the country with the support of the Chamber of Commerce,“ says Marko Čadež, president of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

Čadež reminded that business trips and contacts between business people are not a matter of choice, but a necessity, and expressed hope that other countries will follow Serbia’s example, so that companies around the world, could continue making business deals with the least possible cost, time and consequences.

In order to announce your arrival and get all the necessary information and support, you need to contact the Serbian Chamber of Commerce 48 hours before your planned entry into Serbia via e-mail .

The Chamber is responsible for receiving prior notifications of local and foreign persons entering Serbia for business purposes who do not have a negative PCR test not older than 48 hours, and in case the visit lasts less than 24 hours, business people have to call in advance. Each case is regulated separately.

“We would like to underline that the Regulations present more possibilities for the entry of foreigners into the Republic of Serbia and that a reliable answer can be given only for each individual case on the basis of the submitted documentation,” the Chamber says.

(eKapija, 24.01.2021)



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