People paid 1,500 dinars to listen to Vučić’s speech

People were invited, via a Viber message, to attend the commemorative meeting in Busije, held on the anniversary of the Croatian military operation ‘Oluja’, at which the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić gave a speech, along with other senior Serbian representatives from the region.

Whoever came to the commemoration to listen to Vučić was promised a fee of 1,500 dinars.

“Urgent! Men and women are needed for the rally today, 4th August, on the occasion of the Oluja commemoration, from 3 to 9 pm. For registration and other information, please send your name. You will receive 1,500 dinars”, reads the message signed by a person nicknamed “Strelac”.

On the same day, pensioners from the Grocka municipality were supposed to go to the Vrdnik Spa for a relaxing day, but instead of going to the spa, they were taken to Busije and were informed of that only upon their arrival.

Several buses of pensioners on their way to the Vrdnik Spa stopped at a restaurant for lunch and then deviated from the planned route, and arrived in Busije where Vučić gave a speech.

(Nova, 05.08.2021)


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