People in Serbia work 6 hours less a week than Turks but more than Hungarians and Croatians

Eurostat has published data on how many hours a week people in Serbia and other European countries work. Blic Biznis has also investigated how diligent are people in Serbia and whether we work more or less than our European counterparts.

The International Labour Organization put us somewhere in the middle, but we definitely work more than factory workers in Western Europe.

On the other hand, the relevant data also shows that productivity in Serbia is 20% lower than in Europe, and that productivity in the public sector is even worse.

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In Serbia, an average working week lasts 41 hours, according to the data of the International Labour Organization. The Montenegrins and Macedonians work longer than us, while people living in Hungary, Albania, Croatia and Romania work fewer hours than we do.

Out of a total of 130 countries included in the survey, workers in 59 countries work less than 40 hours on average. People in Rwanda work the least, while the workers from the United Arab Emirates, Myanmar and Qatar work the most, on average 10 hours a day.

Length of an average working week in other countries

Macedonia, 42

Slovenia, 38

Slovakia, 39

Romania, 39

Bulgaria and Poland, 40

Croatia, 39

Albania, 39

Hungary, 39

Turkey, 46

Montenegro, 42

* Source: International Labour Organization, number of working hours per week

Business support consultant, Dragoljub Rajić says that, regardless of the number of hours worked, productivity in Serbia is lower than in the Central European countries, as well as in most of the countries in our region which is not good for the Serbian economy.

“Although people in Serbia, compared with the regional countries, work the most, the results of their work are on a lower end. Compared to the Central European countries, productivity in Serbia is 20% lower in the economy and 50% lower in the public sector,” said Rajic.

(Blic, 15.04.2019)


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