People in Serbia spend more money on eating out than education

The average household in Serbia has less than three members and spends less than 72,000 dinars per month on living costs, according to a survey conducted by the State Statistics Office (RZS).

The average household spends 24,622 dinars on food for the family, almost a third of the total expenses, and much less is spent on everything else.

Less than 100 euros is spent on various bills (water, electricity, and gas), while an a average of 3,700 dinars per month is spent on clothes and shoes. 6,500 dinars go towards commuting to and back from work, as well as all other transportation costs, and almost half of that – 3,100 dinars – is spent on fuel.

For recreation and culture, an average household in Serbia spends an average of 3,700 dinars a month, as well as 305 dinars per month on cinemas, theatres and other cultural events, 254 dinars on books, and 135 dinars on buying newspapers and magazines.

The average family spends 677 dinars on hairdressers and beauticians, 2,000 dinars on personal hygiene products, and much less on health or life insurance.

The RZS also analyzed education costs, which amount to only 1,012 dinars per household per month, while the average household spends 2,335 dinars on restaurants and hotels a month.

(Biznis i Finansije, 25.11.2022)

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