People in Serbia spend more money on cigarettes than fruit a month

According to the 2019 personal consumption survey conducted by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, last year, people in Serbia spent more than one-third of their income on food and soft drinks, which is about 22,977 dinars, while they spent 11,182 dinars on housing and bills.

More than 6,000 dinars went on transport, while an average family spent only 2,990 dinars on health, less than postal and telephone services, which cost an average of 3,566 dinars per household in 2019.

In 2019, people in Serbia spent more on recreation and culture, 3,448 dinars per month, than on health.

The total personal consumption per family last year was 67,099 dinars, while, at the same time, the average income, including in-kind, was 66,880 dinars per month.

The largest expenditure when it comes to food in Serbia was meat and meat products, on which an average Serbian family spent 6,795 dinars a month, followed by less than 3,500 dinars per month for milk and eggs, while more spent on cigarettes and tobacco (2,412 dinars) than on fruit (1,430 dinars).

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The Belgrade citizens have the highest salaries but also the highest consumption, while the lowest salary and living costs are in southern and eastern Serbia.

The poorest families spent an average of 25,329 dinars per month last year, while the richest spent 143,301 dinars per month on personal consumption.

The enormous difference in spending between the wealthiest and poorest people in the country is reflected in spending on culture and recreation where the wealthier people spend an equivalent on 100 euro per month and the poorest 389 dinars, as well as in transport where the wealthiest population spends more than 17,000 dinars compared to 1,000 dinars of the poorest.

Finally, 20% of those with the highest incomes participate in 35% of total spending.

(Danas, 16.11.2020)


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