People in Serbia save 5,210 dinars (45 euro) on average monthly

In 2020, people in Serbia saved an average of 5,210 dinars per month (45 euro), while 25% of them save less than 2,000 dinars, according to a study presented today by Erste Group which has been conducted by IMAS International.

A survey on savings in Serbia in 2020 showed that 47% of people in Serbia believe that their financial situation has remained the same over the past two or three years, while 25% say it has deteriorated.

According to the research, 36% of Serbian citizens think that saving is a very important thing, while 15% of the total number of respondents use life insurance to save and 44% do not save at all.

The results of the research also showed that 35% of citizens are not satisfied with the amount of their savings and 28% have saved or invested 28% less than in the previous two or three years.

Of those who saved less, 35% cited lower household income and less money as the reason, while other reasons include an increase in the cost of living and the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

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This research, based on people’s attitudes, behaviours, motivations and strategies regarding savings and investment has shown that having financial reserves for unexpected expenses is the reason for saving in 75% of cases while securing good pensions and old age come second with 18%.

According to the data, 26% of the survey respondents think they are not informed enough about financial topics and banking products, and 55% are more confident in banks when it comes to managing their finances.

When it comes to online shopping, a large number of people have used it to shop mainly for clothes, tourist arrangements, books and electronics.

(Politika, 28.10.2020)


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