People in Serbia donate more to charitable causes than ever before, children’s causes top the list

According to a survey on philanthropy in Serbia in 2020, the strongest motivations for people in Serbia to engage in charitable initiatives are the feeling of doing a good deed and the belief that their personal commitment contributes to solving an important problem, especially when it comes to children in need of help.

The research was presented by the Trag Foundation and was conducted with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in cooperation with the marketing agency Ipsos.

People showed the greatest motivation for solidarity actions when it comes to helping children with rare diseases or disabilities, children without parental care, the seriously ill, the poor or victims of violence.

Despite the difficult financial situation, there was an increase in the average value of individual donations. The average minimum and maximum amounts allocated from personal budgets for charitable purposes in 2020 are higher than the 2018 average.

The lowest average donation in 2020 was 408 dinars, which is 32% or 130 dinars higher than the amount of donations two years earlier. The research showed that the average amount donated in 2020 was 1,562 dinars, 3% or 33 dinars more than the average amount donated in 2018.

Citizens trust the organisers of philanthropic campaigns, with foundations taking 3rd place on the list of organizations that people in Serbia financially support, right after personal initiatives and healthcare facilities. Foundations are seen as trustworthy entities and are believed to have adequate staff and mobilisation power to initiate solidarity initiatives.

(N1, 03.06.2021)


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