People buying only necessities during the pandemic

“Most consumers reacted instinctively to the new circumstances created by the pandemic and focused on buying only what they needed,” said Dragomir Kostic, general manager of Atlantic Brands and member of the board of the Association of Serbian Managers (SAM).

At an online conference organised by SAM itself, which focused on the life during the pandemic, the challenges that await us due to the pandemic and ways of sustaining business in the coming period, he noted that, for instance, the sale of chocolate has been picking up, as does the sale of vitamins and minerals.

According to him, as a result of the pandemic, some 73% of consumers say they are experiencing some form of depression and worry about everyday life, while the number of visits to shops, which used to be a way of socialising, is also reduced.

COVID has also changed attitudes towards the community. “We were all for globalisation, and then COVID destroyed the sense of unity in the European Union and individual communities,” Kostic underlined.

Speaking about the future, he added that conditions and behaviour will be different and that tourism facilities will probably have to cater to fewer guests while providing more security, while restaurateurs will have to focus on outdoor service.

(Dnevnik, 13.04.2021)



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