Pensioners allowed to pay their bills at a later date; salary increases in healthcare

“There is enough money to cover (civil servant) salaries and pensions, while pensioners, thanks to a government decree, will be given the opportunity to pay their bills with a delay of three months, without interest,” the Serbian government says.

In addition to the one-off financial support of 4,000 dinars, which will be paid to a total of 1.7 million pensioners in Serbia, the government has decided to help the elderly with the payment of monthly bills due to the state of emergency declared because of the coronavirus outbreak in Serbia.

Pensioners and families who have pensioners as members can pay their February, March and April at a later date, without interest, the Serbian PM, Ana Brnabic has said.

Speaking of the new measures taken by the government to deal with the emergency situation, the Prime Minister told the RTS last night that the government was looking for a solution for pensioners who collect their pensions at bank and post office counters.

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“We are looking for a solution because it is very important for our elderly people to stay at home and exercise caution,” Brnabic said.

Average pension in Serbia today is around 27,000 dinars. However, about 20% of pensioners have a pension between 10,000 and 15,000 dinars. A large number of pensioners have money only to cover basic expenses such as electricity and water.

In addition to cash assistance for pensioners, the government has decided to increase healthcare workers salaries by 10% as of 1 April.

(Blic, 15.03.2020)

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