Penalties for not wearing masks indoors?

Not wearing masks and failing to comply with other emergency measures still in force could lead to a hefty fine – an unofficial government source says.

If the fears of epidemiologists became reality and the number of people infected with COVID-19 begins to grow rapidly again from 18 May, people who refuse to wear protective masks could be punished with a fine of 20,000 dinars.

Masks will be mandatory in public transport and indoors, and even in outdoor areas in restaurants when more than two people are sitting together at the same table. People who persistently refuse to wear them could be fined up to 150,000 dinars.

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This is stipulated in the Law on the Protection of the Population Against Infectious Diseases, according to which the authorities may introduce stricter measures to curb the coronavirus epidemic if it occurs again.

If the government approves a decree that the wearing of masks will become mandatory,

Wearing masks will be compulsory in shopping centres, but also in all political demonstrations and protests or any event where large numbers of people gather.

(Nedeljnik, 14.05.2020)


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