Peaceful protests in Serbia; Belgrade called for the release of arrested protesters

On Monday, for the seventh consecutive day, protests were held in cities throughout Serbia against the government and the way it is fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Several hundred people gathered in front of the central prison in Belgrade to protest against the arrests made during the protests and, a few hours later, the protesters moved to the area in front of the National Parliament.

Dozens of protesters and police officers were injured in the riots, and 112 people were arrested in the last two days.

There were reports on social networks that on Saturday evening protesters and bystanders were arrested and urgently sentenced to 30 days’ imprisonment.

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One of them, Vuk Mistović, believes that the arrests are only “part of the repression that the government of Aleksandar Vučić is carrying out on the population. The police brutally in the streets and the arrests make no sense,” said Mistović.

“We are here because we want citizens who have been illegally arrested to be released,” added a girl who introduced herself as Ksenija.

The protesters are also annoyed by the way the government is leading the country during the pandemic.

“We have gathered because we are not satisfied with the situation and the current regime. We want the truth, first of all about the coronavirus data,” Jelena said.

(Danas, 13.07.2020)


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