PE Putevi Srbije (Roads of Serbia) to pay 5 million dinars for a new logo

According to the public procurement plan of public enterprise ‘Putevi Srbije’ (Roads of Serbia) in 2020, the company has allocated 5 million dinars for the redesign of its existing logo. reports that only the company itself or its director, Zoran Drobnjak, can approve for the logo to be paid that much, not the Minister of Construction, Tomislav Momirović, who ordered for the logo to be redesigned.

In the procurement plan 2020, which has become public knowledge, it is stated that this company plans to allocate 5 million dinars for the redesigning of the company’s logo, a figure many times higher than the real market price for such job. Momirovic, as Minister of Infrastructure, said (after the “case” became public), that he will not launch the relevant tender after all.

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Although the blame initially appeared to be his, it is being investigated that such procurements are not the responsibility of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, and as far as the government’s responsibility the procedure is such that when a public company devises a public procurement plan, it is the Ministry of Finance that controls the money that is spent on implementing that plan.

A mitigating circumstance is that this cost was in the 2020 plan, but the relevant tender was never launched, and the redesign of the existing logo has been abandoned. The tender can be suspended by the company itself, i.e. its Supervisory Board, which is helmed by Minister Momirovic’s best friend, Milos Adamovic.

When contacted by the reporters from Nova yesterday and asked about the cost of the new logo, CEO of Putevi Srbije, Zoran Drobnjak, immediately cut off the conversation, claiming he was in a meeting. On the other hand, the director of Transparency Serbia, Nemanja Nenadić, said that only the public company should be held responsible in such instances.

(Nova, 10.12.2020)

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