Pavlović: ‘The SNS will also let voters from the Republic of Srpska vote in Serbia’

A member of the People’s Party (Narodna Stranka) and a Belgrade MP, Miloš Pavlović, said he had information that the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) was preparing a new electoral theft in the upcoming elections.

At a press conference, Pavlović said that, according to the information his party got, an increasing number of the Republic of Srpska’s citizens are registering to vote in Belgrade to help the SNS party in the elections and that the top officials from the state administration and public companies have been instructed to provide a sufficient number of capillary, i.e. safe, votes to the party.

“The SNS party is preparing to commit theft again in the presidential, parliamentary and Belgrade elections, announced for spring next year,” he said. He recalled that the opposition boycotted the elections in June 2020 and that Vucic’s party then lowered the electoral threshold, which he said is something against the norms in the election year.

Pavlovic also said that the opposition had then started talks and negotiations on the electoral conditions in the presence of European officials, but that “the latest events show that the SNS party is heading towards electoral theft”.

He underlined that the latest public opinion poll, “which the SNS party conducts once a week”, shows that the SNS merger with Aleksandar Sapic’s party has not produced results and that “with hard work, the opposition can win in Belgrade, and then in rest of Serbia”.

(, 30.08.2021)

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