Pavle Vuisic’s legacy exhibited at Adligat

The Adligat Culture, Art and International Cooperation Association has staged “The Pavle Vuisic Week”, during which the visitors have the opportunity to see things that the legendary actor left behind after he died, watch his movies and enjoy his poetry.

Through this exhibition, Adligat is preserving the legacy of one of the biggest Serbian and Yugoslav actors and his wife, Mirjana Vuisic.

The exhibition showcases a number of Pavle Vuisic’s personal items such as the collection of his pipes, the keys with the key of the truck he was driving in the movie “Kamiondzije” (“The Truck Drivers”), love letters he sent to his wife, boat drawings, and his poetry that he often threw away, and his wife later picked up from the rubbish bin.

One of the most important things is certainly his original will in which he said that he wanted “six priests to sing at his funeral, but quietly, so nobody hears them” and that “no communist should give a speech at his grave or say anything for that matter, because if they do, he would roll in his grave, and not only roll, but he will get up from the grave at night, give them nightmares and f**k them over.”

“Since Vuisic wanted journalists and everyone else to leave him alone, we decided to commemorate the anniversary of his birth without much fuss and in a different way,” says Viktor Lazic, president of Adligat.

The anniversary of the great actor’s death was commemorated by a handful of people, including the remaining members of Vuisic’s family, gathering in Ada Medjica on the Sava River (“because he loved the Sava more than he loved himself”) and his wife preparing delicious dishes that he loved like moussaka with eggplant, lamb with spinach and apricot pie.

“In the following days, we will have a series of activities in honour of the memory, the character and the work of Pavle Vuisic,” added Lazic.

Lazic also cites several of Pavle’s memorable statements such as: “I only love those people for whom I don’t have to give up being me to please them,” “Some people leave something behind only when they squat,” “Everything is becoming more expensive, only people are becoming cheaper”, “Sometimes, after talking to some people, you feel the need to hug a stone, smile at a tree and pay your respects to a donkey.”

July 10th marked 93 years since the birth of Pavle Vuisic, who was born on the same day as Nikola Tesla, the painter Camille Pissarro and the French religious reformer John Calvin.

(Dnevnik, 16.07.2019)

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