Patriarch:”We won’t use gender-sensitive language”

The head of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC), Patriarch Porfirije, said Thursday that people in Serbia do not agree to their mothers and fathers being called parent 1 and 2, maybe even 3 and 4, that they are against their children not knowing who their mother and father are, or who they themselves are.

“We do not and will not use gender-sensitive language, but Serbian language,” said Patriarch Porfirije at a conference titled “Legal Aspects and Consequences of the Law on Gender Equality,” held at the National Library of Serbia.

He underlined that the Serbian people “particularly express disapproval over the fact that starting with nursery age, through elementary and high schools and universities, there is imposed change in consciousness and way of life of the individual and society as a whole through the promotion of gender or, more specifically, LGBTQIA+ policy and practices.”

“It goes against every democratic principle that the personal preferences of a minority, which are not and must not be threatened in any way by anyone, become generally binding for the majority,” said the Patriarch.

He called on law professors, scientists, lawyers and other conference participants to propose legal measures that should shift the focus away from this law that is, as he said, from attempts to completely change our way of life.

(, 15.03.2024)

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