Parni Valjak’s concert at Stark Arena moved to November 9

Instead of November 8, the iconic Croatian rock band, Parni Valjak will hold a concert the following day, Saturday, November 9, at 20:30, at the Stark Arena in Belgrade. The sudden change is due to the previously scheduled basketball game between Red Star and Real Madrid.

Parni Valjak is known for its very high standards of production, lighting and sound systems of their live performances. The band’s technicians assessed that it would be impossible to install all the necessary equipment for the show (stage, sound system, lighting …) in the 24 hours after the match.

“If we have to choose between having the concert in all its glory, or do it half-heartedly, then we choose the first option. For this reason, we have postponed the concert by one day, since it is impossible to install all the equipment we are preparing for Belgrade in 24 hours; we simply need more time. We understand that the game is just as important and we have found this compromise. Thank you for understanding”, says one of the band’s founders Husein Hasanefendic Hus.

(Blic, 10.10.2019)

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