Parliamentary election in Serbia to take place April 26

According to the Politika daily, parliamentary, provincial and local elections in Serbia will be held by the legal deadline, April 26, and will be called on March 8.

Although the last possible date for the elections is May 3, the ruling SNS party has not considered this date because many citizens will merge May 1st (the International Workers’ Day) which is a national holiday, with the weekend that comes immediately after it, and many voters will probably be away from home.

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“There were two options: to call elections on April 13th or seven days later, but when you look at the calendar it is easy to see why the elections will be held on April 26th. April 19th is Easter holiday and it is hard to believe that people who are religious would go to the polls on that day,” said a member of the SNS Presidency.

(RTV, 17.12.2019)

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