Parliament to resume work after pre-election break

Speaker of the Serbian Parliament, Maja Gojković has called the second sitting of the first regular session of the Serbian parliament for Friday, 21st April, the parliament announced in a statement on Tuesday.

On the agenda will be the laws on bio-medically assisted insemination and transfusion medicine, both of which have been tabled by the Serbian government.

Earlier on, Gojković informed MPs the first sitting of the first regular session would resume on Wednesday, 19th April, the statement said. The Serbian National Assembly had been closed for almost two months because of the presidential elections that were held on 2nd April.

Opposition members (“people’s deputies”) were vocal in their criticism of the move to stop parliamentary sessions, describing it as “a farce” and “an introduction into electoral theft.” The Assembly Speaker, Maja Gojkovic clarified that break was in fact a recess, and that the Parliament would resume “after the presidential elections have been held.” 

(EWB, B92, 11.04.2017)

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