Parliament passes the E-signature law

Serbian Parliament has passed the Electronic Document Law today that allows citizens to use their electronic signature when carrying out various transactions and in electronic communication, while e-documents will be treated the same as paper documents.

The law should make e-signature more popular among Serbian citizens, since it now has the same status as personal signature.

So far, as a result of a rather complicated procedure associated with the issuance of e-signature, only 360,000 Serbian citizens (5% of the entire population) have been using this service. Electronic signature is completely safe and reliable, and the aforementioned law stipulates various levels of user identification – basic, medium and high.

The new law also introduces electronic seal for legal entities, as well as an electronic storage for keeping records. The new regulation will facilitate networking between various information systems and institutions which can now exchange electronic documents.

Sending such documents will ensure a greater degree of reliability, as electronic delivery allows you to see the exact time of sending and receiving each document, which is relevant for judicial and administrative proceedings.

The Qualified Electronic Delivery Service is a replacement for the recommended mail service, and it allows for documents to reliably and safely arrive to the designated address.

The creation of the electronic document storage is important for businesses, although they will still be obligated to keep documents in paper format.

(Politika, 04.01.2018)


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