Parliament agrees to 3% electoral threshold

Serbian Parliament has adopted amendments to the Law on Election of Deputies and the Local Election Law lowering the electoral threshold from five to three per cent.

Amendments to the Law stipulate that national minority parties do not need to win three per cent of votes to be given a seat in the Parliament, as well as a 35 per cent increase in the number of electoral lists of minority parties in the allocation of parliament seats using the largest quotient system.

The electoral list of a party or coalition of national minority parties is declared by the Republic Electoral Commission (RIK), which may seek the opinion of the competent national council on whether the submitter of the electoral list is a national minority party or a coalition of national minority parties.

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MP Gordana Comic’s proposal was also adopted, stipulating that there should be 40 per cent more women on electoral lists, and according to her amendments, there should be at least two female candidates per every five seats. A total of 157 members of the Parliament voted in favour of amending the law.

In the debate, MPs reiterated that reducing the electoral threshold would make the composition of the parliament more representative, and said that Comic’s proposals were an example of how dialogue could be conducted on a topic that is important to both the government and the opposition.

(Danas, 08.02.2020)

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