Parliament adopts decree on financial aid of EUR 100 for young people

Members of the Serbian Parliament have adopted a law that will allow a one-off disbursement of financial assistance to young citizens of Serbia, in the amount of 100 euros (to be paid out in dinars).

The citizens of the Republic of Serbia between the ages of 16 and 29 are eligible for the assistance which is aimed at mitigating the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

Finance Minister Siniša Mali told the deputies of the Serbian Parliament that the date for the start of the submission of applications is Saturday, 15 January and will end on 30 January. “As of 1 February, we will start disbursing the help to all those who have applied for this assistance. Young people who are between 16 and 29 years old on the day this law comes into force can apply,” Mali said.

In the debate about the law, MPs praised the government’s economic policy, criticised opposition representatives, but also repeatedly called on citizens to vote in the referendum on Sunday, 16 January. The deputies told citizens to circle “yes” as the answer to the referendum question and thus support the EU accession policy and Aleksandar Vučić.

(Nova, 12.01.2022)

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