Parking fees in Belgrade went up

Belgrade Mayor Aleksandar Sapic confirmed that the parking fees went up on Wednesday (4th January) and that the increase is minor.

An hour of parking in the red zone will now cost 60 dinars instead of 56, in the yellow zone 53 dinars, instead of the previous 48 dinars, in the green zone 45 dinars (previously 41 dinars).

An hourly parking fee in the blue zone is 35 dinars (previously 31 dinars), and the multi-hour ticket will be 200 dinars instead of 150 dinars.

For residents who live in the parking zoning area, the monthly parking ticket will be 500 dinars, and for companies located in these zones, it will cost five to six percent more than before. The mayor also said the construction of two new parking garages is underway, and that there will be hundreds of new parking places in Novi Beograd.

He also added that the City Council has decided that individuals can also build parking spaces under certain conditions and charge for parking, which, he said, will help solve the problem with lack of parking space.

(, 03.01.2023)

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