Parents of school killer indicted

The parents of the boy who gunned down 8 fellow pupils and a security guard have been indicted for training him to use firearms and failing to secure their weapons.

The Higher Public Prosecution Office in Belgrade filed the indictment against Vladimir and Miljana K. (parents of the 14-year-old K.K. who committed the mass shooting at the Vladislav Ribnikar elementary school in central Belgrade on May 3), Chief Prosecutor Nenad Stefanovic said at a press conference.

“I want the public to know that we conducted an extensive investigation into the circumstances under which the 13-year-old child who is criminally not accountable committed the worst crime in the history of this country,” Stefanovic said.

He said that the father is suspected of having trained his minor son to handle firearms for a year before the mass shooting. The father is also charged with failing to secure the firearms in a safe, keeping them in plastic carry cases instead which allowed the son to get hold of 2 pistols, six clips and 92 rounds of ammunition.

The mother is charged with holding firearms and ammunition without permits after her DNA was found on one of the spent casings in the school.

The prosecution wants the father to serve 12 years in prison with the mother serving two and a half years.

The instructor and president of the Partizan Tactical Shooting Club where the father and son are alleged to have trained. Both men face prison sentences.

(Radio Free Europe, 11.10.2023)

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