Paradoxical or not? Pupils from private schools have low scores at high school entrance exams

Graduates of certain private elementary schools have scored below average at high school entrance exams, the Vecernje Novosti daily reports.

Although parents pay between 4,000 and 8,900 euro per year at a private school, some of the students from these schools scored only 12.40 points in all three tests; the maximum score is 40 points.

According to the official rankings, released by the Ministry of Education, the Montessori school graduates had the worst results, averaging 3.97 points in their mother tongue, 3.19 in mathematics and 5.25 in a combined test. This school often underlines how their way of working contributes greatly to their students’ knowledge, but, in terms of final results, the school is at the bottom of the list among the 200 schools in Belgrade.

The Plavi Krug elementary school had the worst results in the Belgrade municipality of Čukarica. The pupils from this school achieved a total average of 19.01 out of 40, with 6.25 points at the mother tongue exam, 5.7 in mathematics and 7.05 in the combined test.

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The Kreativno Pero private school is a positive example among private schools, with the above-average score of 24.88 in the final test. Isolated cases aside, the results achieved by pupils from private schools are equal to those from state schools.

Pupils from Serbian state schools achieved an average of 10.4 points in mathematics, 11.79 in their mother tongue and 11 in a combined test, while students of private schools scored 11.8 in their mother tongue, 10.5 in mathematics and 11.02 in the combined test.

It is interesting to note that the pupils from the Djuro Salaj adult education school scored better at the final test (by 6 points) than the students from private schools. This school educates adults who did not attend primary school or had to leave it before finishing it.

The majority of graduates from private schools continue their education in private high schools and are thus less concerned about the results of the final tests.

(B92, 19.07.2019)


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